4SEE Cluster

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4SEE Cluster

For Sustainable European Economy: Towards safer and more sustainable by design metallic coatings

Projects funded under topic: HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-12 – Safe- and sustainable-by-design metallic coatings and engineered surfaces (RIA)

The 4SEE cluster, comprising the FreeMe, MOZART, NICKEFFECT, and NOUVEAU projects, collaboratively addresses shared challenges, engages in joint dissemination efforts, and benefits from the added value brought by 4SEE. This collaborative approach aims to maximize impact, foster innovation, and drive progress within their respective fields.

MOZART Project

Metal matrix nano-composite coatings utilization as alternative to hard chromium

The EU-funded MOZART project has the ambitious purpose of assisting in the fulfilment of the REACH requirement to eliminate Hard Chromium (HC), a toxic and carcinogenic substance, offering an environmentally less harmful and less toxic alternative to the painting and coating industry. Its main goal is to develop high-quality durable metal coatings to replace Hard Chromium (HC) based on Nickel (Ni) matrix nano-composite electroplating processes following Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) principles. MOZART aspires to develop the first in the world real applicable nano-composite coatings that will revolutionize the surface finishing industry in specific applications such as the automotive, manufacturing and machining industries.

Visit MOZART: https://www.mozart-project.eu/

GA ID: 101058450


Ni-based ferromagnetic coatings with enhanced efficiency to replace Pt in energy & digital storage applications

The EU-funded NICKEFFECT project aims to address Europe’s reliance on imports of platinum group metals, essential for electronic and digital technologies due to their scarcity. To tackle this issue, the project intends to utilize the more abundant nickel as a substitute for platinum. It seeks to develop at least three innovative nickel-based alternatives for various applications, including electrolysers, electrodes, fuel cell catalysts, and magneto-electronic devices. Through innovative deposition techniques, researchers aim to achieve specific porosities that enhance catalytic performance and enable converse magnetoelectric effects. Additionally, the project will focus on the development of new coating methodologies. Ultimately, the goal is to establish nickel-based alternatives that enable Europe to maintain self-sufficiency in renewable energy, electric mobility, and digital technologies.

Visit NICKEFFECT: https://nickeffect.eu/

GA ID: 101058076


Novel electrode coatings and interconnect for sustainable and reusable SOCs

The EU-funded NOUVEAU project aims to address the pressing need for efficient storage solutions for renewable energy sources in the global fight against climate change. While renewable energy holds promise, its intermittent nature highlights the necessity for reliable storage options. However, existing solid oxide energy cells, which could provide a solution, are both expensive and environmentally harmful. In response to this challenge, the NOUVEAU project will introduce innovative solid oxide cells (SOCs) featuring lanthanum- and PMG-free electrode materials, electrical interconnects, and solid electrolytes. These components are specifically designed to be recyclable, sustainable, and cost-effective to produce, offering a significant advancement in renewable energy storage technology.

Visit NOUVEAU: https://www.nouveau-project.eu/

GA ID: 101058784

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